Current Projects:

Dear Jeff Bezos
September 9th, 2014 - February 19, 2015

This campaign's mission is tripartite:

  1. Tell the world that Amazon Mechanical Turk workers (Turkers) are human, not algorithms. We are not to be treated like objects; we are skilled, intelligent individuals who deserve respect.
  2. Turkers need to be able to represent themselves to Requesters (those who post work on mTurk) and Amazon, therefore we require a method of communication between all three groups which facilitates such communication.
  3. Not only are we trying to reach Mr. Bezos with our letters, but also create a database of information on Turkers which journalists and academics can access. Currently, many articles and papers are written about us where the author never even talks to a Turker before publishing what they think is best for us. Even if they don't want to chat with a "live" Turker, at least having this database of who we are and our thoughts on the platform will help them craft ideas that may be more in line with our own.
Note that we are not looking for unionization, hourly pay guarantees or benefits. This campaign seeks to enable communication between Amazon, workers and Requesters, and to educate journalists, academics and the wider internet audience about who Turkers really are and what sort of changes we're looking for.

The campaign has received a great deal of media coverage, which can be found in Interviews & Articles.

The campaign has ended as Amazon suspended our Requester account that we used to double check that only workers were signing up for the WeAreDynamo platform. We have not been able to sign up new workers, therefore the project has ended.