Breakout session 2: Freelancers, the gig economy, and platform co-ops
Disrupting the Disruptors
September 9 2017

Introduction by Trebor Scholz and panel moderated by Colette Murphy, The Atkinson Foundation for Decent Work

Panel sessions & Discussion: Framing the canvas
Disrupting the Disruptors
September 8, 2017

Who and why? The actors and motivations behind the platform co-operativism movement

Amazon Mechanical Turk: exploitation and resistance
Panel: Organizing IT crowd workers and platforms, UNI Global Union
January 19, 2017

A discussion of problems facing Turkers and how they have been fighting back.

Workshop: Organizing IT crowd workers
January 19, 2017

Determining how unions can bring IT freelancers, with focus on crowd workers, into their flock.

Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)
November 14, 2016

Despite its inherent merits, the EU’s Digital Single Market initiative might not properly address some highly relevant employment and social consequences. This debate will give the opportunity to discuss the consequences in regards with working conditions, employment, social protection, regulatory environment, digital skills and how the Millennial generation perceives today’s digitisation forces.

Worker's Voice - From Digital Worker Subsistence to Organized Resistance (video)
Platform Cooperatism - Building the Cooperative Internet
November 11, 2016

If Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) were a boss, one would guess that it hated its employees. This has driven mTurk workers (Turkers) to fight back in a variety of ways, some of which may be useful to those fighting their own battles in other sectors. From rating customers to writing letters to awakening class consciousness to writing rules about what is ethical customer and platform behaviour, a variety of techniques are being tried in the attempt to make online work more bearable. A good work environment does not have to remain a dream, it can be something we realize together. I will take you from today’s mTurk to what online crowd platforms could be, so we can work together to fix the future of work.

Collective action in the digital era
France Stratégie
July 8, 2016

“Collective action in the digital era” is a closed seminar that looks at these issues. It is organised by France Stratégie* in collaboration with Astrees, French non-profit and independent organisation and IRES, French unions.

Shaping the World of Work
European Trade Union Institute
June 28, 2016

Amazon has been a frontrunner in exploiting the openings digitalisation and globalisation bring to multinational companies. In this panel, we will discuss a range of interrelated factors that together will shed light on the employment consequences of what we call ‘digital monopolies’. The topics are:

Amazon Mechanical Turk: a symbol for the future of a polarised labour market characterised by precarious employment and high staff turnovers.
Amazon’s supply chain domination: e-monopolies disrupting the single market for services and fair competition.
The challenges posed to taxation, funding of public services and social security by digital platforms such as those offered by Amazon Mechanical Turk.

NETS 213: Crowdsourcing & Human Computation
With Professor Chris Callison-Burch, University of Pennsylvania
April 8, 2016

The Best Practices of the Best Requesters.

A new world of work: Ensuring a just transition
UNI Europa Conference 2016
March 16, 2016

Rapid changes in the world of work are bringing about political, economic and social challenges for Europe’s services unions. Digitalisation, precarious work and demographic change are key factors. This session, reflecting this new context, will focus on what role service unions should play in a rapidly changing labour market. How can unions through their political and collective bargaining roles champion full employment with living wages and quality jobs, not only for high-skilled workers, but for all? This session will develop a forward-looking strategy that ensures that European services and their workforce are recognised as the backbone of economic and social progress in Europe.

Highlight video (I appear at 2:37)

Digital Media Livelihoods: Conditions, rights & advocacy
With Professor Greig de Peuter, Wilfred Laurier University; datejie cheko green, Organizer • Educator • Media Producer; Katherine J. Lapointe, organizer with CWA Canada
March 9, 2016

What new forms of work are emerging in the digital age? What challenges do freelance communications professionals face? And how can careers in the media be more accessible and sustainable?

Platform Cooperativism
The New School

November 13, 2015
Building New Supports For the New Workforce: The Role of Solidarity and New Labor Institutions: (Starts at 46:14) Impromptu talk about what AMT workers are doing to organize.

November 14, 2015
Worker Voice: Discussion of how workers are already organizing, and what needs we will have going forward.
Video interview about Kristy's role in the conversation about cooperative platforms.

Critical Information Policy
With Professor Nicole Cohen, University of Toronto
October 27, 2015

mTurk from the worker's perspective - overview, activism and issues.

S&D Conference - Employment and Social Security in the Digital Single Market: Chances and Challenges
Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats in the European Parliament
October 22, 2015

Jobs and growth instead of austerity and recession. Decent work for all. Social rights in Europe.

The future of digital employment and working conditions in Europe: What does the new internet/data economy means for services and work developments?
October 20, 2015

The transition towards a post-industrial, service-centered and digitalized economy is eroding traditional employment models while weighing heavily on working conditions and labor standards. Yet, such new modes of economic production and exchange make usual forms of market regulation and policy intervention less effective in rebalancing the asymmetries in the workforce. This workshop is intended to lay out recent trends and challenges in job developments associated with the economic and service industry digitalization. This will be followed by an interactive discussion regarding policies that can effectively address disparities and unfairness in working conditions, without curtailing the gains emerging from these new economic trends.

Interview (video)

CS889: Human-in-the-Loop Systems
With Professor Edith Law, University of Waterloo
October 16, 2015

How Turkers work.

Crowdsourcing Seminar series for Fall 2015
Carnegie Mellon University
October 13, 2015

Discussion of ethics and best practices for mTurk Requesters.

PowerPoint Presentation


Data & Society
September 9, 2015

Discussion of burning issues surrounding digital labour.

Crowd Research: Morning Panel
Stanford HCI Group Crowd Research Project
March 9, 2015

Discussion of the pros and cons of current crowdsourcing platforms, and how Requesters, academics and Turkers make use of those platforms.

Digital Labor 2014: Sweatshops, Picket Lines, and Barricades
The New School

November 16, 2014
Design the Future of the Networked Workplace: Hackathon

November 15, 2014
mTurk Workers: We're Here & We're Human: Panel speaker, talking about digital labour issues such as lack of support from Amazon, why communities are so vital to Turkers, and worker rights.


Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing
November 3, 2014

Speaking Up, Speaking Out: One Voice for the Invisible Turkers: Invited speaker, talking about myths, mTurk Requester best practices, and worker rights.


CS889: Human-in-the-Loop Systems
With Professor Edith Law, University of Waterloo
October 22, 2014

Ethics in human computation

Stanford-Harvard joint seminar: Difficult Problems in Cyberspace
With Professor Jonathan Zittrain, Stanford University
January 7, 2011

Cyberlaw and crowdsourcing